Bruno Mars Rosario Dawson
Jason Merritt / Ben Pruchnie, Getty Images

Today in the Twitter world, Bruno Mars declared his love for actress Rosario Dawson. The 'Grenade' crooner doesn't have a date to the MTV Europe Music Awards yet, and he is hoping and "wishing on a Twitter star" that Ms. Dawson will escort him to the show. Also,the guys from OneRepublic are collaborating with Adam Levine in the studio, Miley Cyrus' boyfriend Liam Hemsworth is nursing her back to health, and Ray J asked for his fans to keep his grandmother in their prayers. See what your favorite stars were tweeting about today.

Excited for the European Music Awards! If only I had a date :( .......(::ahem:: Rosario Dawson) #WishingUponATwitterStar
@adamlevine the new tunes we did are INSANE- I think we both deserve record deals, let's sign us.
Sick in bed. Don't know what I'd do without Liam, Lila, & Floyd.
please pray for my grandma again
I wonder how I will write songs when I'm in a healthy functional relationship one day?! Hmmmm...
Hip Hop is by far the most unhealthy profession that ever existed...
Recording 3 songs today! If you think about it, send up a prayer that my voice holds up! Thanks loves. :)
Reggae always makes me happy...
It's 2011 - when is the NAACP ever going to change its name? Are they still trying to use up all the old stationery first?
What a great show here with @britneyspears in Sweden! Thank you for your warm welcome. I cant wait to come back already.