Lady Gaga's heavily followed Twitter account has gotten a bit of a makeunder.

Her photo has been swapped out to the generic egg default graphic and her bio reads: "This interface has been shut down temporarily. Please check back for updates." Some previous tweets have been deleted and she has not issued a new 140-characters-or-less transmission since June 26.

Given the fact that Gaga has used Twitter so effectively to communicate with little monsters over the years, what gives? See her snoozy page here.

Well, she could be going silent and dark in the social media space in order to ramp up excitement for 'ARTPOP.' When Gaga shuts down and stops communicating, something feels "off" with the Twitterverse. She could be quiet now in order to build anticipation when she starts releasing information about the album and single.

This could be a calculated promotional move, since the rumors suggest that Gaga will be returning to prominence in the pop world with a new single next month.

Her profile page on her Little Monsters social media site is also curiously quiet and without a profile photo.

Given the fact that Gaga's imaging and graphics are a key part of her overall package, this has to be intentional and planned. We can't wait to see what she has up her promotional, leather-studded sleeve. Whatever the case, when she returns to social media in all its (edge of) glory, it will be an epic comeback.