Most kids when they dress up for Halloween they usually don costumes of their favorite superhero or cartoon character. Apparently, for these two little tykes, they wanted to be their favorite rappers -- Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. The duo's Halloween picture went viral on the Internet, which elicited mixed reactions from people on social-networking websites like Twitter and Facebook.

In the picture, the little boy is dressed like Lil Wayne complete with the leopard jeggings, red Converse sneakers, shades, fake dreads and tattoos that were scrawl on his body. His sibling (or friend?) is dressed like Minaj with a multi-colored wig, Barbie chain, boots and a doll hanging off her pants.

Now before you guys call child services on their parents, we are not sure if these two unidentified young'uns are real legit fans since their music is really not cater to them. But if an 8-year-old singing princess can perform 'Super Bass,' then these guys should be allowed to dressed like Weezy F. Baby and the Harajuku Barbie. Right?

Reaction has been mixed over the photo with calling it an "Epic Fail," while Rap-Up thinks it's cute. The two children weren't the only ones who dressed up like Wayne and Minaj, so did the grown-ups. Actress Holly Robinson Peete donned baggy jeans and long dreads to look like Weezy while 'Good Morning America' anchor Robin Roberts also got dolled up like Minaj for Halloween.

The real Nicki Minaj seems to take all of this costume fun in stride. "Happy Halloween Everyone!!! S/O to all the nicki minaj costumes!!! Own it!!! xoxo," she tweeted.

So tell us what you think? Do the two kids look adorable as Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj? Leave your comments below.