After a snippet of Drake's collab with Beyonce, "Can I," leaked last week, it looks like two new tracks have made their ways onto the interwebs -- "On a Wave" and "Go Out Tonight."

Both songs show us more of the melodic side of Drake, which we heard traces of in Nothing Was the Same but miss out on in If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. "On a Wave" delves into a relationship where Drake and Tinashe, who's featured on the track, are having a conversation about their relationship. While Drake feels that she wants more than he can give than he can give her, she tells him that she's got her own life, too, and that all she needs is her man by her side.

"I'm on a wave / I'm on a ride / I'm everywhere / I'm hard to find / You want a man / I'm just a guy / Busy as f--- / You know what's up / I got a life, back where I stay / Still a car note for this girl, around my way," he delivers.

Although it's Drake's song, Tinahse definitely shines on this one -- not just because of her supple vocals but she also sings on most of the tune. Meanwhile on "Go Out Tonight," Drake gets even more melodic. The bassy ballad not only has a softer tone but also shows off Drake's singing abilities. In the song, he tells a girl who's wallowing over a break up to just go out and hopefully meet him, who'll make all the hurt go away. This will definitely be a sweet one that lovebirds will want to sway close to. You can listen to the full track below.

So far, the three tracks that have seeped onto the Web have showed Drake's range and, more importantly, softer side. And if this is only a taste of what we can expect from Views From the 6, then we're looking forward to hearing what else he has up his sleeve.

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