The bar on adorable Adele covers has just been raised. Ten-year-old Angie and 13-year-old Tara, meet 2-year-old Makena, a toddler who may be the youngest (and cutest) performer on YouTube to tackle Adele's heartbreak ballad 'Someone Like You.'

Her proud mother posted the video online with the caption, "My 2yr old daughter loves Adele and sings along!" Makena is barely old enough to talk but is able to rattle off the lyrics to the hit song while singing along to a recording. She even raises her voice for the money line, "Never mind, I'll find someone like you."

When asked by another YouTuber if she spent time coaching her daughter, the mother wrote, "She just did it herself. She just likes to sing." If that's the case, this toddler may have already found her career path. Even if her vocals are still in the mumbling stage, she obviously has a knack for memorizing the words to her favorite songs!

Since Adele won all six Grammy Awards she was nominated for last month, it seems that her popularity knows no bounds. Earlier this month, a Major League Baseball player was filmed singing 'Someone Like You' on the field during a game.

Watch a 2-year-old Toddler Sing Adele's 'Someone Like You'