Lorde's 'Royals' is undoubtedly one of the signature songs of 2013, which means plenty of other artists have taken liberties with it. tyDi has offered up one of the better interpretations of the track.

'Royals' has seen its share of covers, both good and bad. It's also been subjected to tons of remixes, and similarly, some suck it and some rock. tyDi's reworking remains true to the spirt of the original, merely adding some layers and sonic enhancements, which serve to spotlight Lorde's inimitable voice.

We particularly love the sound of change clinking on the ground during the lyric about train fare and the escalating sounds that enrobe her voice during the "listy" part about the Maybachs and more.

The reworking doesn't go overboard on EDM flourishes, since that would distract from the beauty of her voice and the power of the words.

Yep, we like it. Do you? Tell us in the comments below.