A girl lies motionless in a hospital bed in the opening of tyDi featuring Tania Zygar's 'The Moment It Breaks.' Gradually, blackness spreads within her, starting from her fingernails to her veins, then into her IV, where it spreads throughout her entire body. Is it a metaphor? A virus? Is she Spidergirl?

Not quite. Soon, the gorgeous blonde rises and walks out of the room, the blackness continuing to spread across her body and on her skin in web-like formations. She continues to glide throughout the hospital hallways, with areas of her skin turning orange within the spidery black grid that developed earlier.

Soon, the viewer realizes that everything around the girl is happening backwards -- people walking and running in reverse, bringing flowers, crying. She reaches out for the hand of another patient on a stretcher, whose skin is also beginning to form a pattern, then keeps strolling along until she reaches the roof.

Once in the open air, the stunner stuns the viewer: she drops her hospital gown, revealing skin patterned like a monarch butterfly. She opens her arms and sprouts wings -- then the image flashes back to the hospital, where she's still lying down with normal skin. Was the whole thing an anesthesia hallucination? Watch the clip below to find out!

The Australian DJ is making his way up the EDM chain, as he was recently ranked No. 5 in Billboard and Next Big Sound's list of the fastest rising artists on the web.

Watch the tyDi 'The Moment It Breaks' Video Feat. Tania Zygar