Young Money artist Tyga dropped the visuals for his bittersweet rap ballad 'Far Away,' which is from his upcoming LP 'Careless World.' The video is a tearjerker as we see the Los Angeles rapper grieve over the loss of his girlfriend.

In the beginning of the clip, Tyga listens to his late girlfriend's voicemail just to hear her voice. He then reminiscences all the good times they shared together including a candlelit dinner and cuddling in the bedroom. The video's centerpiece is when it becomes a real downer when after a heated argument, Tyga's love interest jumps into a cab that later gets broadsided by a truck.

Apparently, Tyga witnessed the entire accident as we see him run to the scene and caress the face of his dead girlfriend. You think he would call 911 but instead he cries over her body that, oddly enough, doesn't have a scratch on it. We don't know if she died from the impact of the crash or from Tyga's sappy song, but we digress.

Former 'American Idol' contestant Chris Richardson provides the heartbreaking chorus singing, "Now she's far, far away / And I do anything just to see her face / But she's far, far away / Walk a thousand miles just to see her smile again."

Despite the video's hackneyed premise, Tyga's 'Far Away' is an emotional tune that tugs at the heartstrings. Apparently, the song is doing well on rhythmic radio so we wish nothing but the best for Tyga.

Watch the Tyga ' Far Away' Video Feat. Chris Richardson