Rapper Tyga has been slapped with three lawsuits over the music video 'Make It Nasty.' According to TMZ, three video vixens are suing the Young Money star claiming that their nipples were exposed without their consent in an X-rated version of the clip.

In their suits, urban models Azia Davis, Elizabeth Velasquez and Alissa Rae Ross allege that when they auditioned for their roles in the video, they were told no nudity was involved and it would be "tastefully shot." However, when they starting filming the video on July 2 they appeared topless in some scenes but were assured that their nipples would be "edited out."

According to the women, Tyga, apparently, leaked an uncensored version of the clip on his Twitter and the women's nipples were not covered. Now the ladies are suing for breach of contract, invasion of privacy and fraud.

Now, for journalistic purposes, we decided to watch the uncensored version of 'Make It Nasty,' but we had a difficult time finding the incriminating evidence. There's so much boobage and booties in the clip, it almost made us dizzy (not that we're complaining, we're just saying).

Tyga has been racking up plenty of lawsuits in 2012. The 'Rack City' rapper is currently being sued by a landlord in Malibu, Calif., for refusing to pay $16,000 in back rent.

Let's hope Tyga can clear these litigations up in 2013.

Watch Tyga 'Make It Nasty' Video (Clean Version)