Tyga is thankful that no one got seriously injured after gunmen shot up his tour bus following a performance in Omaha, Neb., on Monday (March 20). The 'Rack City' rapper talked with Power 106 radio host Yesi Ortiz to explain what actually occurred that night that led up to the shooting.

Apparently the drama started early in the day when Tyga declined a local rap group's offer to open up his show. They got mad and showed their disapproval by throwing garbage onstage while Tyga was performing. A heated argument ensued between him and the presumed local act, which can be seen in a YouTube video that went viral on the Internet.

"I mean, I'm a chill person. But a person wants to be disrespectful … I'm trying to put on a great show for people that paid money see me," Tyga explains to Ortiz about the incident. "Somebody want to throw a bottle, but nobody want to say who threw the bottle. It's just childish stuff."

He then added, "I don't never be trying to start drama. But when you get disrespected as a man there's certain stuff you won't allow."

Afterward, when Tyga and his entourage were leaving the venue, their tour bus got riddled with bullets. Although the rapper never explicitly say it was the local rap group that actually shot up his tour bus, Tyga chalked it up as haters ruining his show. "My fans come to see me perform," he says. "Those weren't fans … stuff happens."

As for his artist Honey Cocaine who was shot in the arm and taken to the hospital, she is on the mend and will be back performing on the tour at the end of the month.

All and all, Tyga is putting this unfortunate incident behind him and forging ahead with his trek. We are all glad that everyone is okay.

Listen to Tyga Talking About the Omaha Shooting