Tyga took his latest single 'Rack City' to the Top 10 on his own, but for the remix he's enlisting an extensive lineup of heavy hitters in hip-hop: Wale, Meek Mill, Fabolous, Young Jeezy and T.I.

The track gives each rapper a chance to offer a verse over the beat supplied by DJ Mustard. The soon-to-be-released music video was shot in Atlanta.

Wale opens the remix, rapping, "Who that on the pole? / It's you that on the pole / If you ain't getting dough, shawty you don't get to go / And yeah we at the stadium, quarterbacking h--s." Fabolous rhymes about his ride, saying, "Silver emblem, two black R's / Who's that in the nice, black car?"

T.I. raps, “Me and three females in the CL / Pink toenails, tail like a beached whale / Tell ‘em all, better keep it on the DL / No phone, no Twitter, no email.” Meek Mill spits, "Meek Milly, racked up racked out / And I be counting money 'til I pass out / Hundred racks and hundreds in the stash house."

Jeezy told MTV that he initiated his part on the track. "Talking to homie, I heard the record, loved it, seen it go crazy in the club. I couldn't visualize it without a Young verse on there, so I just went ahead." T.I. explained, "I got reached out to. They told me to add my two cents, so I did just that. Then they told me that the video was coming, [so] I picked out an outfit."

Watch Tyga, Young Jeezy and T.I. Discuss the 'Rack City' Remix