Young Money rapper Tyga, perhaps best known for appearing on Chris Brown's 'Deuces,' is facing charges that his song about baseball caps, 'Snapbacks Back,' was stolen from a 12-year-old aspiring rapper named Young Vishis.

The story began a few months back, when Meek Mill and Rick Ross released a song called 'Tupac Back.' The Boombox reports that Young Vishis took the instrumental track from that song and created a new recording called 'Snapbacks Back,' about sports caps that have adjustable snaps instead of being fitted.

Vishis' father, Durvel Wilson Jr., then posted a link to the song on Young Money president Mack Maine's Facebook page. Two weeks later, Maine deleted that posting from his page, just as Tyga's song 'Snapbacks Back' surfaced. Tyga's version uses the same hook as the Young Vishis version, though the verses (and the majority of the chorus) contain different lyrics, and Tyga's recording includes a rap verse from Brown.

Wilson told HipHipWired, "That's straight wrong, they stealing songs from a 12-year-old who takes the time to write his own material and promote himself. What he didn't remember, though, is that my page will still say that I added a link to his page that day. So it was a dumb move removing it. This isn't over at all, we won't stop until everyone knows how dirty they did my son/artist."

Maybe there's more to the story, but the evidence looks pretty damning against Tyga. If he's got a defense, he'd better present it soon. Otherwise, can you imagine what kinds of creative disses other emcees might come up with for a rapper who steals material from a pre-teen?

Take a listen to both tracks below. Do you think Tyga and Chris Brown ripped off 'Snapbacks Back' from Young Vishis?

Listen to Tyga, 'Snapbacks Back' Feat. Chris Brown

Listen to Young Vishis, 'Snapbacks Back'