The only thing more terrifying to us than the idea of having to strip down to our underwear in front of strangers is to have that image (the one of you nearly nude) broadcasted to the entire world as part of a television show you’re starring in. Now imagine having to do all that while standing next to Adriana Lima. Yeah. Not fun.

Tyler Blackburn of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fame apparently felt the same way when he had to strip down for his role in the show's Christmas special that airs tonight (Dec. 9).

He tells MTV, "I wear a very nice blue suit, and then I have to wear an elf costume. I also wear only my underwear — yeah, exactly. Digest that. I’m wearing just boxers, so that was interesting. I had to do a few sit-ups before that... I was standing next to Keegan Allen, he has like a 12-pack."

We’re pretty sure Tyler has nothing to worry about (remember that shower scene between Caleb and Hanna forever ago in season one? Exactly.) But we get where he’s coming from.

He then goes on to explain what the episode will entail. Tyler says the episode (which is titled 'How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas') does a decent job of juggling the creepy with the holiday.

“We have the Ice Ball in the episode, which is a big extravagant party, where we get to keep tabs on Alison," he says. "We definitely have [the episode] creepy still, but there’s also so many great holiday moments. It’s a good balance, I was wondering how they would do it, but it works.”

Tune in tonight to check it out (and to check out Tyler's abs)!

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