An animated version of Tyler, the Creator appeared on the Cartoon Network's series 'Regular Show' on Nov. 21. The program follows Mordecai, a blue jay, who is best friends with a raccoon named Rigby. Together, they spend their days trying to entertain themselves whenever possible.

In the 'Rap it Up' episode, Tyler plays bully rapper Blitz Comet who is a member of a rap posse called CrewCrew featuring Alpha Dog (Donald Glover) and a female spitter named Demolition (MC Lyte). When Mordecai and Rigby's bubbled-headed (literally) friend named Pops gets humiliated for reciting poetry, the duo challenges CrewCrew to a rap battle. There's only one problem: Pops can't rap, he can only recite Shakespearean-style poetry.

Tyler is hilarious as the wise-cracking rhymer Blitz Comet. In an earlier freestyle session, Blitz disses his rap competitor Big Trouble (also played by Tyler) with some comical verses. "Blitz Comet on the scene / Step to me and you are gonna get creamed / Corn / All up in your teeth / You reek / You're the opposite of Chic / You're a Freak / You're rhymes are like antique," he spits.

This is a funny 11-minute episode that offers a cool moral at the end that goes something like, "Poets are not losers."

Tyler isn't the only high-profiled rapper who has been turned into a cartoon. Rap mogul Jay-Z recently made an animated appearance on Hub TV's children's show 'The Secret Millionaires Club.'

Is this the new trend in hip-hop -- rappers on cartoon shows? If it is, then this is a trend we fully support.

Watch Tyler, the Creator on Regular Show - 'Rap It Up' Episode'