Tyler Oakley has released another video in which he answers fan questions, and this time we see the collision of two worlds: the Tyler Oakley universe combined with the 5 Seconds of Summer universe. What!?

The very first fan question sees a Tumblr user asking Tyler what color hair he thinks looks best on Michael Clifford, 5SOS's resident hair color-wheel enthusiast. Tyler has a very diplomatic answer where he says, "Once you dye your hair for the first time you see other people with dyed hair and you see them differently than you did before. And you're just like 'Yes! Live! Work that color! Yes, I love you in every way! You're killin' it! I want to do that color next!' So seeing Michael doing every color in the rainbow I'm like, 'Slay me.'"

He goes on to say, "But if I had to pick one color for Michael I would probably have to pick whatever color he wants to have, because I don't think it's my place to try to police his body, and that's that!"

So there you have it -- whatever color Michael wants, is the color Tyler prefers. We think it's a refreshing way to answer a question like that. Tyler also goes on to ask questions like "Do blondes have more fun?" and "How good do you think Justin [Bieber] looks in the new Calvin Klein campaign?"

So check out the video above to see all of Tyler's answers!