Not only was Tyler Robinson astounded to end up on Blake Shelton's team after his performance of Train's 'Drops of Jupiter' on 'The Voice,' he offered up a big bombshell before he even took the stage.

Robinson, who was raised Mormon, basically came out of the closet to his estranged father via national television. "I'm glad it happened," Robinson remarked afterward. "It had to be said. I wanted to tell him in person, but I guess national TV is a big deal. I don't have to be anyone that I'm not."

As for his music, the 20-year-old describes his style as "white-boy soul," which is why he was surprised that Shelton picked him for his team. "I never suspected Blake, of all people, to choose me," admitted Robinson. "He's a country artist and I've never sang country before."

Robinson -- a musical-theater performer who was raised in Idaho -- lived in Brazil and now resides in California, says he's always listened to pop and R&B. His musical tastes are apparent in his YouTube videos, which feature the young singer sitting behind a piano performing songs by Lady Gaga, Kesha and Jessie J, among others.

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