The latest installment of MTV's 'When I Was 17' series features rapper Tyler, the Creator, who at 20 only has to think back three years to recall what life was like at that age.

"When I was 17, I released 'The Odd Future Tape.' That was my first album as a collective," Tyler says. "My first performance was a talent show. I didn't set us up for it, Hodgy did. I was excited because I'd never really performed before."

Tyler, who continues to provoke and cause controversy with his lyrics, says he was getting into trouble even during this early talent show performance. "I was jumping around, pulled my pants down. During parts of the songs, I would go in the crowd and just wild out and go crazy. The guy who put it together, his mom and other family members were in the front. I didn't know that they were heavy church people."

The angry organizers ended the performance early, but Tyler moved on and achieved success, both with Odd Future and with his own solo album 'Goblin.' He just captured the prestigious Best New Artist award on Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. His episode of 'When I Was 17' also features stories from two of his fellow hip-hop nominees in that category, Wiz Khalifa and Kreayshawn.

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