Maniacal rapper Tyler, the Creator is known for his outrageous stage performances but his latest stunt takes the cake. During an Odd Future show in New York on Wednesday (Oct. 19), Tyler decided he wanted to meet his fans up close and personal.

In the video that was recently posted online, Tyler was performing the song 'French' when he jumped off a second floor balcony and landed safely on a sea of his die-hard fans. Fellow OFWGKTA producer Hodgy Beats followed behind him and leaped from the same balcony, as well. "That F----ing 2nd Floor Jump Was Gnar," Tyler proudly tweeted.

It's not unusual for Tyler to pull stunts like this at his shows. However, the last time he wanted to crowd surf he broke his foot.

We are not being preachy here, but Tyler needs to be cautious with his daredevil stunts. You'll never know if the crowd will let you down and allow you to fall straight to the ground -- and that wouldn't be odd, that would be "ouch."

Watch Tyler, the Creator & Hodgy Beats' 2nd Floor Stage Dive