Tyler, the Creator is known to be a prankster, but he was on the receiving end of an insane prank on Thursday's (April 5) episode of MTV's 'Punk'd.' The guys behind the practical joke were none other than 'Jackass' nutsos Bam Magera and Wee-Man -- so you know they were going to punk the hell out of the Odd Future leader.

On the show, the devious jokesters were able to get Tyler to participate in a fake charity event, which involved auctioning off Wee-Man's taco truck with proceeds going to the Tony Hawk Foundation. First, to set him up, they had Tyler turn on the grill and heat up some tortillas to make tacos.

After they finished eating tacos, the truck mysteriously explodes into flames and a crew member becomes a walking fireball. Oddly enough, Tyler, instead of calling the fire department, decides to take photos of the guy on fire with his smartphone. WTF?

But it doesn't end there. The truck continues to explode and Tyler is seen running and jumping into a flatbed truck. After everything is under control, the founder of the charity blames Tyler for leaving the gas on and causing the truck to explode.

Tyler is in shock with his mouth open and is worried about the guy who is smoldering on the ground. "Yo, s--- just got real," he tells his manager. Bam finally let's Tyler off the hook and gives him the famous line, 'Tyler, you just got punk'd!"

Watching Tyler, the Creator getting punk'd is a great television moment in our opinion.

Watch Tyler, the Creator Get Trucked Over on MTV's 'Punk'd'