Tyler Ward regularly graces YouTube with his amazing cover performances (we're still obsessed with his 'Blank Space' video, BTW), but is he looking to conquer the big screen as well?

The singer recently showed off his acting chops during an episode of 'A to Z,' leaving us to wonder if this is the first step in expanding his career. Luckily, J-14 got to the bottom of the situation, asking Tyler himself if he is considering giving acting a shot.

"I've never had the passion or the drive for it, but I feel like if there was an opportunity given to me, I would definitely explore that option," he answered, adding, "I'm just super-content doing the music at the moment. We'll see, we'll see. Maybe Alyson [Stoner] will get me into acting! I don't know."

In case you missed it, Tyler and Alyson recently collaborated on an insanely awesome remix of 'The Hanging Tree' from 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part One.' If he's not planning on heading to the silver screen any time soon, we're more than happy to obsess over his fantastic covers.