Want to check out Tyrese's new album 'Open Invitation'? Well he has literally extended an open invite for fans to listen to the whole shebang via an online listening party he hosted himself, at his swank pad. You'll feel like you are right there with Tyrese and 20 of his closest friends in the living room. Yes, they are all hot, too! So tune in and turn it up, and pretend like your roll deep with Tyrese and his crew.

What are some of our favorite tracks on 'Open Invitation,' most of which are silky smooth and melt like buttah? Well, we're digging 'Fireworkz,' featuring the newly freed T.I., and 'Too Easy' featuring Ludacris is a hot jam, too. 'One Night' is another one that booms. There's also the heartfelt 'Best of Me,' a soft ballad about the woman who brings that out of him!

Your man Tyrese is feeling his new grooves too -- dancing and boosting the energy in the room. He's selling it and he's got the goods to back up his sales pitch because these jams are popping. Tyrese points out that there are songs appropriate for the bedroom and the club. It's a well-rounded collection of tunes so be sure and nab a copy. But for now, you can try before you buy, courtesy of this creative listening party.

The album drops Nov. 1.

Watch the Tyrese 'Open Invitation' Listening Party

Tyrese "Open Invitation" Online Album Listening Party from Modern Artists Creative on Vimeo.