U2 singer Bono was at the center of a health scare last week, the reports of which are only now surfacing. The singer supposedly suffered from heart palpitations while in the South of France and was subsequently rushed to Princess Grace Memorial Hospital in Monaco last Wednesday, Aug. 17, because he was complaining of chest pains.

The report reveals that Bono was not held overnight, but indicates that he was examined by a leading heart specialist, who prescribed plenty of rest for the singer. Apparently, it wasn't that scary of an incident, since he was spotted at the Saas Café with his wife and Julian Lennon on Friday, Aug 19. Perhaps that's Bono's idea of rest!

Bono's body might be showing some signs of breaking down with this latest health hiccup, if it turns out to be true. He had emergency back surgery in 2010, which forced the band to table its tour and a performance at the famed Glastonbury Festival at that time.

However, Bono's companion Julian Lennon -- yes, the son of John -- posted a note on his Facebook page, addressing Bono's scare. Looks like Lennon was playing the part of celebrity publicist, writing: "For those whom are fans of Bono, the recent reports about him going to hospital with chest pains this weekend, were completely false… He did, however, go for a regular check up last week, but was given the all clear! He’s in fine form!"

It seems NME and Lennon are offering conflicting reports, but whatever the case, if Bono did indeed make a hospital pit stop, we hope he's feeling better and stays healthy!