Nicki Minaj once described Taylor Swift as a "big bowl of ice cream." We have no idea what kind of sugary analogy she'll come up with for the adorable girl who covered 'Super Bass' with a ukulele, but we'll say Swift may have a run for her money in the adorable category.
With a honey-toned voice matching her hair color, YouTube sensation uuuuuuuukewithme can't wipe the grin off of her face as she sings the Harajuku Barbie's tune in what appears to be a bathroom. She sounds fantastic (think a female Jason Mraz), but she even recognizes the inherent silliness of the song -- she even breaks down in giggles as she sings. And she still sounds fantastic. Not fair!

Shocked at becoming a viral sensation, she posted, "Holy Cow... Can't believe I woke up to this! Wow this is so unbelievable. Thank you for all the nice comments. I'm truly, truly blessed and this is really, really crazy... Oh my goodness. thank you!!" Too. Cute.

Uuuuuuuukewithme is a bit mysterious about her own identity, offering only, "My name is Nicole and I'm 17 years old. Hope y'all enjoyed my covers!" Uh, we do. We're obsessed. She reminds us a bit of Kina Grannis -- so instead of a big bowl of ice cream, she may be just as sweet as a big bowl of jelly beans.

Watch Ukulele Cover of 'Super Bass'