It's Aug. 1 and summer is beginning to wind down, and with it, so is festival season. We had a little fun with pop music and festivals this summer with our poll for the hypothetical Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival for 2013. The results are in for our totally fake but would-be-awesome-if-it-was-real live show!

We polled our loyal readers, asking you to help curate the perfect pop festival lineup by voting on acts in four headline slots and in four different pop sub-genre categories.

Without further pause, it's time to find out who would play our Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival. You can see the final percentages below, too!

First Headliner would be Pink. Given her acrobatic and unpredictable live shows, Willow Sage's mother would be one of the main attractions, and rightfully so. She never puts on a subpar performance.

Justin Bieber nabbed the Second Headliner slot. Duh. A pop festival would not be "ultimate" nor would it be complete without The Biebs, descending onto the stage from the sky with a pair of massive wings affixed to his back.

Biebs' fellow Canadian, that rebel princess Avril Lavigne, would be the Third Headliner, adding a dose of sass to the bill.

U.K. cuties Little Mix were selected as the Fourth Headliner, which fell like it came from out of nowhere to us -- because it was such tough competition! They had to beat out Austin Mahone, Cary Rae Jepsen AND Ed Sheeran! Wow. Then again, you've been reading about the ladies on PopCrush for a while now, so it actually does make sense.

So far, it's a female-dominated lineup.

And it's about the get more girl power-y, thanks to the genre categories, as the Hayley Williams-led Paramore grabbed the Alt Rock spot.

Her Minajesty Nicki Minaj was voted in the Hip-Hop slot. Fun. were chosen as the Indie-Pop act, while David Guetta would represent EDM.

There you have it.

As voted by you – our beloved PopCrushers —that's the Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival lineup. Wouldn't it be amazeballs if it were a real event?

One can only hope…

First Headliner: Pink
Second Headliner: Justin Bieber
Third Headliner: Avril Lavigne
Fourth Headliner: Little Mix
Alt: Paramore
Indie-Pop: Fun
Hip-Hop: Nicki Minaj
EDM: David Guetta