Yiiiiikes. West Coast restaurant chain Umami Burger tweeted out an unflattering graphic of Madonna, referencing her recent Coachella kiss with Drake. The tweet quickly attracted negative attention.

In the picture, which you can see over on Billboard, both of the performers' faces can be seen alongside the text "because nothing gets the taste of old lady out like Umami #BettaThanMouthwash."

The tweet has since been deleted, but not before Twitter users could call out the restaurant for being "sexist," "truly awful" and "kinda s----y."

The incident Umami references occurred when Madonna crashed Drake's headlining Coachella set on April 12, kissing him so intently that the rapper seemed caught off guard. While the internet initially assumed that Drake wasn't pleased by Madge's show of affection, he later explained on Instagram, "Don’t misinterpret my shock!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel 100 about that forever. Thank you @madonna.”

Back in February, Madonna spoke with Rolling Stone about ageism, saying, "No one would dare to say a degrading remark about being black or dare to say a degrading remark on Instagram about someone being gay. But my age — anybody and everybody would say something degrading to me. And I always think to myself, why is that accepted? What's the difference between that and racism, or any discrimination? They're judging me by my age. I don't understand. I'm trying to get my head around it. Because women, generally, when they reach a certain age, have accepted that they're not allowed to behave a certain way. But I don't follow the rules. I never did, and I'm not going to start."

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