Everything about Us the Duo is straightforward and simple. They let their talent speak for themselves, and the talent speaks loud and clear in this exclusive performance of ‘Til The Morning Comes.’

Michael and Carissa Rae — who are also real-life husband and wife — climbed their way up the music biz ladder as social media celebs, earning millions of hits, views and followers across platforms. Their simple six-second acoustic covers of pop songs on Vine took off and eventually led to them being signed by a major record label.

The couple's sophomore album ‘No Matter Where You Are’ was rereleased this spring under Republic Records, and highlights the pair’s killer harmonies and heart-eyed lyrics. Their track ‘Til the Morning Comes’ features both, and is a sweet and folky love song that perfectly exemplifies their effortless sound.

Us the Duo joined us at PopCrush to perform the tune, accompanied by Michael’s acoustic guitar and some well-timed whistling and rhythmic clapping by Carissa. Check out the video above to watch their performance.

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