Usher's 'Confessions' may include parking violations.  A woman attacked the singer in an Atlanta parking lot last weekend when his SUV was parked in a handicap space.

TMZ reports that the 'DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love' singer had just arrived at the Little Five Points Halloween parade (which may explain the guy dressed as Elvis) when the woman spotted his SUV in the spot. The woman ordered Usher to move. When Usher declined, the woman went absolutely berserk. She went on to grab Usher's hoodie, shriek and flail her arms until her husband dragged her away.

While the woman certainly overreacted to the infraction, she does have a point. It's hard to see in the video whether or not Usher's vehicle has a handicap tag, but if it doesn't, then he's just as in the wrong as she is -- in which case, it may explain his protege Justin Bieber's similar respect for the rules of the road.

Watch Usher's Altercation Video