It seems like baby mama drama runs in the family with Usher and his half-brother James Lackey. TMZ reports that Lackey is in a heated legal battle with his ex-girlfriend Martina over their child. The songwriter-producer claims that he can no longer keep up with the $1,300 a month child-support payments so he asked a judge for a reduction.

But Martina isn't buying Lackey's claim and counters that with his affluence and business connects with Usher, he's more than capable of paying the support. “Given his opulent lifestyle, he has substantial income and assets available to him," she states. "He produces music with and for his brother Usher, he owns a recording studio, receives royalties, and owns a home and has several cars."

And Martina might be on to something since Lackey has produced tracks for such artists as B.O.B, Lloyd,, Nelly and others. So he's definitely bringing in some kind of income to his household.

This child-support case allegedly started out nasty from the get-go, with Martina alleging that Lackey had abused her, and Lackey claiming that she kidnapped their child and ran off to Michigan. The case is set to go to trial in May.

We hope that Lackey and Martina can settled this custody case amicably.