Usher has enlisted a bevy of top-notch producers for his highly-anticipated new album. Proven hit-makers Diplo, Swedish House Mafia, Pharrell Williams, Jim Jonsin and others have blessed the R&B superstar with sure-fire hits. As you may already know, Diplo is the man behind Usher's current chart-topping single, 'Climax.'

On Thursday (March 22), Usher invited the London press to listen to several tracks from the album, which is still in production. Contrary to reports, the album is not called 'The Shanertance.' (By the way, what is a "shanertance"?)

As we previously reported, Usher would love to work for pop sensation Adele, but for now, Labrinth is the only U.K.-U.S. collaboration on the LP.

According to U.K.'s Soul Culture, Usher's overall sound is a fluent mix of R&B with electro-pop. “I wanted to give you the foundation and allow you to hear where I am, and what the essence of expectations should be," Usher told the website.

One song that stood out for them was 'Sins Of The Father,' in which Usher addresses the social issue of fatherless households. "The lack of a father being there can also teach you how to deal with life -- and that’s what ‘Sins Of The Father’ is about," he says. “But I’m adding to the statistic that there are fathers out there who are there for there children, who are there to raise them, who understand that they have to take that time and really make sure that they make that connection."

With his new selection of producers, it seems as if Usher is broadening his sound to capture the ears of a global audience. While some may feel Usher is abandoning R&B/soul to go pop, the Grammy winning crooner sees his new musical direction as "growth."

"Even if you just look at the choice of producers that I’ve selected to work with on this album, it’s a clear indication that it’s not just your typical run of the mill," Usher says.

He adds, "I feel like -- and this is a statement that’s true of life – if you’re able and willing to take a risk then you’ll receive or even reap great benefits or rewards that come with it. So that’s what this album is -- it is a step. It's all about growth and really rising."