When he isn't singing, dancing, or coaching Justin Bieber on how to be a superstar, R&B recording artist Usher likes to take in a good film. The 'DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love' singer recently attended the GQ and Cinema Society screening of 'Restless,' a film directed by Gus Van Sant ('Good Will Hunting,' 'Milk,' 'Even Cowgirls Get the Blues'). 

At the premiere, Usher posed for a few pictures with Gus Van Sant, and the pair looked like old friends as they laughed it up in front of the cameras. Usher looked casual and cool, wearing a white long-sleeved T-shirt, jeans, and sunglasses.

Produced by Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard, 'Restless' stars Henry Hopper and 'Alice in Wonderland' starlet Mia Wasikowska. Wasikowska plays a terminally-ill girl who falls in love with Hopper's character, who has an odd obsession with attending funerals. Throughout the movie, both characters are haunted by the ghost of a Japanese kamikaze pilot from WWII.

Although Usher got a sneak peek at the movie, us regular folks will have to wait until Sept. 16 to find out what happens. Scroll through these pictures of Usher at the screening and let us know if you will be buying a ticket to see the film.