Usher brought the sexy with his sizzling performance of 'Scream' at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 20) in Las Vegas. Usher appeared on stage looking like a chap from London. He was dressed in throwback tuxedo suit and top hat -- talk about being dressed to kill.

Usher was then met with an alluring woman dressed in a mask and red ball gown that showed off her musuclar thighs and legs. The R&B crooner wrestled with her onstage as she flung her long legs all over Usher's head.

After their tug of war, Usher performed some magic and made the mysterious woman in red disappear right before our eyes. We knew Usher was multi-talented, but who knew he was an undercover magician.

The woman was then replaced by an Usher look-alike that mirrored the crooner's moves. It was very 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.' The talented dancer also slipped and slid across the floor effortlessly as the stage became filled with smoke.

We were a little disappointed that Usher didn't perform his No. 1 single 'Climax,' but he definitely made the audience scream and shout with his gothic performance of 'Scream.'

Usher plans to make his fans scream with even more delight when he drops his seventh album 'Lookin 4 Myself' on June 12.

Watch Usher Perform 'Scream' at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards