The death of Usher's former stepson Kile Glover in July 2012 was sad and tragic for everyone involved, but it's still not over.

TMZ reports that Jeffrey Simon Hubbard, who was operating the jet skis that critically injured Glover, was arrested yesterday morning (March 1) for charges of homicide by vessel, serious injury by vessel and reckless operation of a vessel. Hubbard was held without bail; a judge will determine if he is eligible for release on bond this weekend.

The investigation against Hubbard, who was a family friend of Usher's and ex wife Tameka Foster, began in July 2012 almost immediately following the accident.

The Department of Natural Resources (Wildlife Resources Division)'s Critical Incident Response Team planned to reenact the accident on the same lake using special computer programs to determine the speed of the boats and jet skis involved, as well as to determine who was at fault and if any charges should be filed.

Our thoughts remain with Glover, his family and loved ones during what's still sure to be a difficult time.

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