If you want to watch Usher on his OMG tour, live in London, you don't need to hop a plane and head overseas, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. You can sink comfortably into your couch and watch from the comforts of home this weekend, as EPIX will be streaming the show this Sunday, Oct. 9, at this location.

Go ahead, we'll wait while you make a reminder on your smart phone or your old-fashioned paper calendar.

All you have to do to enjoy Usher in all his live glory is sign up for a free trial of EPIX, which you can easily do here. Trust us, that little step is worth it in order for you to enjoy an up close and personal concert with the R&B singer.

While it's that easy for you to take in an Usher show and sing along to 'Yeah!' and other Usher hits at the top of your lungs, we also are offering up a preview of the performance. It's only a half-minute of moving and grooving but it should set tongues wagging for the whole shebang this weekend. Enjoy.

Watch a Preview of Usher Live in London