A legal battle is brewing between Usher and his ex-wife over the parenting of their two children. According to TMZ, Tameka Raymond has filed a petition against the pop singer to have sole custody of their two kids, Usher V and Naviyd Raymond.

Tameka claims that Usher has repeatedly violated their agreement as a co-parent under their divorce decree. She feels strongly that Usher is compromising their children's safety while they are in his care. According to court papers, Usher has repeatedly failed to obtain her permission to travel with the kids outside of the state. She also claims that Usher has refused to let her have custody of the children during the Christmas break in 2010 and on other occasions. In addition, the singer also owes $34,000 in payments for nanny services.

Tameka is also seeking more money in child support payments now that the singer has a "substantial change in income" (i.e., the dance-pop hit 'Without You' is doing well. Ka-ching!). Furthermore, she wants her Saks 5th Avenue credit card reactivated so she can utilize the special offers on the card.

While Tameka has not made any comment about the legal action, her attorney, Lisa West, says the filing was not about money but to fight for her children's safety. "Ms. Raymond desires nothing more than for Mr. Raymond to have a relationship and spend quality time with their two children as consistently as possible," tells The YBF. "She, however, has never been willing to sacrifice their children's safety and welfare in her efforts to forge such a relationship and has vigorously fought to ensure the children are reared in a stable home environment."

A hearing over Tameka and Usher's custodial agreement is scheduled for today, Nov. 30. We hope this legal battle gets resolved for the sake of their children. We wish the best for the Raymond family.