Usher's filing some more 'Papers.' Ex-wife Tameka Raymond says claimed that Usher is a bad parent, endangering their children and refusing to turn them over to her when required -- but the R&B superstar and Justin Bieber mentor is fighting back against her claims in court.

Last month, Tameka Raymond filed a petition against Usher to have sole custody of their two kids, Usher V and Naviyd Raymond, claiming that the 'Without You' singer repeatedly violated their agreement as co-parents under their divorce decree.

Tameka claimed that Usher compromised their children’s safety, failed to obtain her permission to travel with the kids outside of the state and denied her have custody of the children during Christmas 2010 and on other occasions. Oh, did we mention she also wants more child support payments because of Usher's "substantial change in income" (likely spawned from his megahit with David Guetta and all the cash Bieber rakes in), and complained that he closed her Saks credit card account? We ain't sayin' she's a gold digger...

Now, TMZ reports that Usher didn't take the allegations lightly. He is firing back at Tameka through his lawyers. Usher filed a response to his ex's claims. Usher's petition rejected all of Tameka's claims as completely false and baseless, from his attacks on his parenting to his allegedly closing her Saks account. The ex-couple currently has joint custody of their two boys, Usher V and Naviyd Raymond, and it appears that Usher wants it to stay this way.

This isn't Usher's only legal headache. In September, Usher was served with a suit claiming possible plagiarism on his 2004 hit 'Burn.' Here's hoping all of these matters get settled swiftly and justly so Usher can go back to enjoying his time with his tots.