Kids say the darndest things, and no one knows the truth of that statement better than Usher! According to Page Six, Usher revealed in a recent interview that while one of his sons watches his every dance move, the other one isn't as a big of a fan.

According to Usher, his son Naviyd Ely Raymond -- who is just shy of six-years-old -- told his dad that he's not as good as he thinks. Usher said: "He doesn’t care about what I do as much. … He’s like, ‘I’m the star. Who are you? You sing?'" It turns out those weren't the last of the harsh words little Naviyd had for his famous father, as Usher continued, while laughing: “He told me the other day, he says, ‘You’re not a great singer.'" Ouch!

Thankfully, it looks like Usher has impressed his other son, who watches his father's every move whenever he hits the dance floor. “When seeing me perform on tour in the past … and most of the time it’s past his bedtime, but he’s just sitting there studying every move, every second, like laser focus. And then I’ll see him off by himself doing the moves.” Aw! We hope that softens the blow a little bit, Usher.

The former 'The Voice' judge is currently working on his eighth album, though no release date has been set.

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