Uh oh. It's pop vs. rock, as One Direction were dissed by Van Halen bassist (and son of legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen) Wolfgang Van Halen via Twitter. The musician tweeted about his chance meeting with the 1D boys in the lobby of a British hotel, saying he was insulted by the band and referred to them as d---heads. Gasp! Zayn Malik? Niall Horan? D---heads? No way!

Van Halen did not share key or concrete details about the exchange or about what exactly went down with 1D, only saying that he was insulted by them in the lobby in the morning and that they were not nice. He also said that they must go by the name One Direction since their hair is shaped and styled that way.

Actually, Harry Styles' hair goes in all sorts of directions, thanks to his mop of curls. And with Liam Payne sporting a shaved head, it's probably still in the peach fuzz stage, so that doesn't point 1D either, Wolfie!

We're left to wonder what 1D said to Van Halen and his crew or entourage to elicit his Twitter comments.

Let's hope this doesn't escalate into a full scale war between the bassist and the band, or even worse, between the bassist and Directioners, who will no doubt valiantly swoop in to digitally support their heroes.

Below are WVH's tweets about his experience with 1D. It's safe to say he is not a Directioner.
"Fun fact: Was just insulted by that s----y boy band #OneDirection in the lobby of our hotel this morning! Greetings Birmingham!" he wrote. He then went on a longer rant, adding, "No joke. That ACTUALLY happened. That group of kids in #OneDirection were d---heads to @iierockii @gwdrums and I."

Lastly, Wolfgang dissed their cute coifs. Not cool, bro.

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