Nick Jonas is Vanessa Bayer's latest victim in her series "Sound Advice."

The Saturday Night Live comedian plays a media coach who lives out of her car named Janessa Slayer in the series, where she offers our favorite artists -- you guessed it -- advice by making them super uncomfortable. In her latest episode, Slayer gives Nick some awful music advice, insults his girlfriend and makes inappropriate advances toward him -- all in the name of comedy.

Channeling Zach Galifianakis ala Between Two Ferns, Slayer comments on the titles of Nick's songs, saying she appreciates that his two singles ("Jealous" and "Chains") are made up of one-word. She then suggests that he modify his songs to be comprised of just one word, too, and he responds that it's "terrible advice." Slayer also suggests that Nick's album was a compilation of Thanksgiving songs -- just because it was released in November. When he tells her that the album has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, she tells him it's a "missed opportunity" and the two launch into trying to create a song with Thanksgiving-based lyrics. It is horrendous, which should surprise no one.

She also comes onto Nick when she says, "So you've dated a lot of famous ladies in your day. Have you ever thought of dating a famous media coach? And, like, if you dated her how gently would you date her? And by date, I'm using that as a euphemism for something more adult."

The interview ends as Nick says what we're all thinking, "This is awkward." Yes, it is.

Check out the full interview above!

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