Vanessa Hudgens is an authority on dressing boho and having nude photos leak, and apparently she knows a thing or two about childbirth. No, really!

Hudgens, who stars as a pregnant teen runaway in 'Gimme Shelter,' confessed that giving birth in her role was one of the toughest things she's ever done.

"Every single day was definitely a challenge but one I embraced with open arms," Hudgens told E! Online. "It was just so thrilling top be able to push myself every day and see how far I could take it. Probably the most physical and emotionally draining scene was my birthing scene," she added. "I've never shot a birthing scene and I ended up popping blood vessels in my face."


Another painful part of filming? Hudgens, who gained 15 pounds and chopped off her flowing dark locks for the role, having to leave her onscreen baby behind.

"I totally had a connection with my baby -- my movie baby -- and I just had so much love for her but afterwards they call 'cut' and take the baby away and I'm just left there hanging."

Don't worry, V-Hudge! You've got plenty of time before you pop out any real kids. Embrace it!