Vedo sang Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' in hopes of getting Usher to turn that big red chair around during the blind auditions of Season 4 of 'The Voice' tonight (March 25) and he got what he wanted.

In his pre-perf interview package, the singer revealed that he and his mom lived out of her car, and she'd wash him and his siblings in gas station bathrooms, but they got through it.

Mom has Stage 4 lung cancer, and he was at home taking care of her when he got the call from the show, but she told him to pursue his dream, since that would make her feel better. That's love.

When he took the stage, Vedo turned in a stylistically different rendition of the song, changing the arrangement slightly. It was certainly a butter smooth, golden-throated, R&B rendition.

Usher knew Vedo was for him, and even said, "He's got a great voice, man!" to the rest of the panel as they listened intently after he spun his chair.

"It wasn't just the song, it was your voice, so welcome to Team Usher," the R&B crooner said after all was said and done.

The rest of the panel basically said that they didn't want to turn their chairs around not because Vedo wasn't good, but because he was the perfect fit for Team Usher Raymond IV. They also didn't feel like listening to Usher give his "I Found Justin Bieber" elevator pitch to yet another contestant! They know that's his ace in the hole.