Celebrated actor Edward Norton appears in the Verizon Droid '48 Hours' commercial, where his character goes through a whole heck of a lot. His trusty smartphone gets him through it all and guides him. What's the female-fronted song that accompanies some of the action?

It's 'Get Some' by Swedish pop star Lykke Li and it appears on her second album 'Wounded Rhymes.'

The song has both a romantic and a rising, escalating tension, and that's why it is effective when it is paired with Norton's exploits, which see him find a wallet, do karaoke, get kidnapped, hang upside down, fly a plane, get chased by dogs and play a game of Connect Four. His do-it-all device helps him survive. That's a lot of pressure on a phone.

It was an interesting 48 hours indeed and the phone is so much more than just a phone. Who better to make that point than Edward Norton and Lykke Li in a commercial that feels more like a short film than an advertisement?