In Verizon's 2014 'Faces' commercial, a dude goes through a bunch of transformations. He's a helmet-wearing hunk, a handsome, clean-cut and well-groomed gent and a long-haired, guyliner-wearing rocker at different points -- all within 30 seconds. He even plays air guitar to a distorted, retro, garage-style track throughout. What's that song?

It's called 'I Want It,' and it's by Viv and the Revival, a citizen of the world-style artist who has a penchant for mixing stadium-sized, arena rock riffing with classic pop melody. As it turns out, Viv first picked up a guitar at age nine. Some of his songs have been used on 'The Voice,' too.

Still, 'I Want It' is a noisy song that gets the adrenaline flowing. It'll make you want to play air guitar and pretend you're someone else, like this dude in the Verizon spot.