"When me and Vicci pair together, it is explosive," Cee Lo said before taking the stage with his protege, Vicci Martinez, on tonight's 'The Voice' -- while Martinez promised NBC viewers a "show stopper." Both parties held true to their word, and when they faced the crowd with Pat Benetar's 'Love Is a Battlefield,' things were quite literally on fire.

Cee Lo came out like a devil from the fire that lit up the back of the stage, rocking a red mohawk and red ensemble with spikes. Seconds later, in walked Vicci from across the arena, bearing her big vocal chords and stomping around, backed by a group of young girls fist pumping like 'Jersey Shore' champs.

One could argue that Martinez and Green cheated by using the cuteness factor -- kids in their performance -- especially since many of them were acrobatic, flipping and carthwheeling like it was an Olympic competition.

There's no question that the costume-clad pair, Cee Lo and his best lady, put on quite a show and rocked the pants off of us all, but lest we forget, theatrics aren't what it's about in this competition. Does Martinez have 'The Voice' to stand up to the competition? Find out on the finale episode which airs tomorrow, June 29, on NBC.