Vicci Martinez made her coach, Cee Lo Green, proud with a show-stopping (and ending) performance of Florence and the Machine's 'Dog Days Are Over' on 'The Voice.'

While rehearsing the song with Green, Martinez talked about the inspiration her father, a plumber who had to work a lot to support a large family. Green broke it down soulfully, as always: "'Your dad didn't really get a chance to see his own dream [of being a singer] come true."

He later explained the reasons for choosing this rousing song to the camera: "This song is right for Vicci, because I think she wants to be healed." He then implored her to get out there and make her Daddy proud.

Well, Martinez accomplished that goal pretty handily. Pounding two drums while wearing a vaguely '80s white get-up and a big pompadour-type hairdo, she started off singing a little timidly, but quickly gained speed and was running all around the stage as guys with drums followed her around.

Green led a standing ovation for Martinez afterwards, as the young singer tried to catch her breath -- "best workout you can get" -- and got ready for the judges to line up and praise her, which they did. Adam Levine called it the "coolest performance of the night," and Blake Shelton called it the "most powerful," breaking out the time-tested gasoline and match metaphor to describe her power.

"There's no two ways about it, that was a great performance," agreed Christina Aguilera, "and I was all about it.  She also credited Vicci for handling things like a pro when her mic pack fell off during the song.

As for Green's opinion? "I'm so excited for you, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat. You're right, the dog days are over for you, the future is so bright for you, my darling!"

Do you think he's right? Can we expect to see Martinez in the finals next week?

Watch Vicci Martinez Perform 'The Dog Days Are Over' on 'The Voice'