Victoria Justice chases after an online crush in her new video for 'All I Want is Everything,' a song taken from the soundtrack of her tv show 'Victorious.'

The video opens with the 18-year-old playing the role of a typical teenager, sitting in her room chatting away on her bright pink laptop. She visits a social networking site called "Friendbookster" and scopes out the profile a hot guy. When she sees his relationship status is listed as "Single," she springs into action, setting up her webcam and recording a video just for him.

Justice name-drops Madonna and Michael Jackson and sings, "All I want is everything, yes everything / Too much is not enough / I'm sick of settling for in between / And I'm not giving up / As long as it feels right, at least we know that we're alive / All I want is everything, yes everything, yeah."

Victoria changes outfits, jumps around on her bed and plays guitar in the cute video she sends to her crush, but he's having cell phone problems and is unable to view it. She sends it again, but this time he's playing basketball and misses it.

Unwilling to give up, Justice recruits several friends to post flyers all over the city asking him to meet up with her. Afterwards, she heads home and waits for a response. The crush, who has been playing basketball all this time (suspend your disbelief here), finally finishes the game and sees the flyers.

As he texts Victoria, "I'm in. Where you do you want to meet?," she excitedly sends a response that viewers aren't able to see. Just then come those dreaded words, "To be continued..." and the clip ends. Hopefully there's another music video coming soon. You can't leave us in suspense like this, Victoria!

Watch the Victoria Justice 'All I Want is Everything' Video