Victoria Justice has real teenage problems. In her new 'Best Friend's Brother' video, the 18-year-old Nickelodeon star is chasing after her good friend's older bro -- but in order to preserve their friendship, no one is supposed to know.

Though Justice seems to be having great internal debate about her mega crush on her best friend's brother, she's relatively successful in catching his attention. While she's at her friend's house, and her friend is nowhere to be seen, she daydreams of sneaking downstairs where her prospect is sitting on the couch and decides to give him a little dance show.

Justice romps around the room, sliding across the floor and channeling Tom Cruise in 'Risky Business,' while the dude lends some hardcore couch drumming. He seems to approve of her before-her-time dance style, before she snaps out of it.

Later, she sees him rocking out on his drums in the garage while waiting for her best friend to show up. Suddenly, Victoria and him find themselves blasting their anthem out in the garage. This is where Justice really goes wrong. If her puppy love situation was ever quiet, she's now shouting it from the rooftops, as she sings her catchy single into a mic on top of a car. Before long, their pop-up band has drawn a crowd of street fans, who are snapping pics and dancing along to the beat.

Jump forward a few hours to that night, where in the pizza parlor, Justice is just hanging out with her best friend, keeping secrets and eying brother boy toy from across the room. "If you weren't related..." she tells her best pal, before leading into a choreographed dance through the restaurant. Suddenly, the whole high school is dancing, essentially giving their approval to the love she's been brewing.

Like a true fairytale story, in the end she gets her prince when he approaches her in the pizza place and takes her hand and they live happily ever after.

Justice's solo album, likely featuring this dance-inspiring hit, is currently in the works.

Watch the Victoria Justice 'Best Friend's Brother' Video