- Teen pop star Victoria Justice has gotten her ears molded. No, it's not some weird body modification. Singers get their ear pieces specially fit to their ears so they don't lose their hearing on tour. Learn something new everyday! [Instagram]

- Remember Diddy's house intruder who broke into the rapper's house and made a nice vacation of it? Well, he's going to jail. He's also been ordered to stay away from Diddy's home. [The Boombox]

- Despite breakup rumors, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were photographed holding hands in Los Angeles last night. Maybe the rumors were just that... rumors. [Pink Is The New Blog]

- Go Usher! His 2004 hit album 'Confessions,' has officially moved 10 million units in the U.S. This is our confession... we might be responsible for 9.9 million of those. [Billboard]

- Here's something you don't hear everyday: Foster the People singer says Snoop Dogg, of all people, helped him to quit smoking marijuana. Who should we call to quit drinking gin and juice? [Spinner]

Norah Jones knows 'Everybody Needs a Best Friend.' Watch her new video featuring the cast of the movie 'Ted.' [YouTube]

Watch the Victoria Cast 'Make It in America' Video Feat. Victoria Justice