With her TV show 'Victorious' in the rear-view and a tour with Big Time Rush on her summer calendar, it's time for Victoria Justice to focus on her music career, and she does just that with her new single 'Gold' from her upcoming debut album.

Justice herself said the song is upbeat and sassy, and that it has "a great summer" vibe, which we quite agree on. The 20-year-old offers up an easy, breezy vocal over some sun-splashed beats and synths.

'Gold' is a love song that ponders taking that step from friendship to romance. The lyrics certainly capture the anxiety that goes along with trying to make the big move, but the words are surrounded by a sparkly melody.

'Gold' is also a fun and totally sanitized dance song with a strong percussive element; there's even a mini rap part towards the end! All tweens (and their parents) will certainly appreciate Justice's track for being accessible and inoffensive from start to finish. It's squeaky clean and while there is absolutely no edge or grit to it, it still floats.

Granted, 'Gold' is not going to light up the world to become a definitive song for the pop music canon, but it will certainly find ears among the young and female set, thanks to its loose, light and carefree vibe. It could be one of the songs that defines the summer of 2013, even if it doesn't have legs deep into the fall. There's no shame in that, either! Summer songs are just as worthy as ones that dominate the radio year-round.

If you were put off by the overly processed nature of 'Gold,' do us and yourself a favor: Give it two to three more listens and it'll grow on you like it did on us. We predict you'll find yourself grooving involuntarily to this cut.

Listen to Victoria Justice, 'Gold'