When it comes to silly Halloween costumes, Victoria Justice might take the prize -- she was once a giant ketchup bottle! Justice, Patrick Stump, Foster the People, Big Sean, J. Cole and others share stories about their most memorable costumes in a new video posted just in time for the candy-collecting holiday.

"I wore red beret, and I think I wore red lipstick and red Converse and red tights," Justice says of her ketchup-themed outfit. "It was a lot of red. Thinking back, probably too much red."

Stump describes his worst costume as a mask with a hood that "looked like death." "You know, there's that line somewhere in your early teens where you're like, 'Am I too old to be trick or treating anymore?,'" Stump says. "And you're like, 'I'm in a mask. Who's gonna know?' So I wore it into that period."

Big Sean describes wearing a Diddy costume during the 'All About the Benjamins' era, when the rapper was still going by the name Puff Daddy. "People kept asking who I was and I was getting mad as hell. I'm Puff Daddy!"

J. Cole recalls throwing together clothes at the last minute to create a "ghetto pirate" look, while Foster the People discuss being a more traditional pirate for several years in a row and the Summer Set reveal the horror of having to wear matching full-body cow costumes with their entire family.

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