No matter where she is, Victoria Justice loves you. In her new 'You're the Reason' video, the 'Victorious' star finds herself in many scenes, but one thing stays constant: her desire to belt it out about her love.

The clip kicks off with Justice and a grand piano on a sandy coastline, setting the mood for the song and giving the video treatment real depth. When Justice isn't seated at the instrument, she's frolicking through the water and chasing seagulls on the beach as she sings with a pearly-white smile, proving that sunset scenes and windblown hair truly are the staple for any California-based music video.

Later, Justice -- and her piano -- find themselves in greener scenery; offering the melody beneath towering tree limbs. It's there that the Nickelodeon star discovers a swing on which to blast herself through the woods, all while looking like a pixie.

Somehow, the songstress manages to travel to three places in just three minutes -- the video closes back on the beach, only this time night has fallen and Justice is surrounded by white torches in the sand. The soft lighting is just enough to get her point across as she thinks back to her busy day of being in love.

Watch the Victoria Justice 'You're the Reason' Video